Welcome to Lucy's page. Let me introduce Lucy to you. She is Jim's fairy muse. She more or less adopted Jim when she saw him struggling to tell a tale to his friends one night. Taking pity on him, she sprinkled story tellers dust on his head and a great tale formed inside his mind. Before he knew what was happening, the words began to fly across the page. Much to his amazement when he glanced to the left, he saw this little blue fairy sitting on his shoulder reading his words as they took shape on the screen. Every now and then she would lean over and whisper in his ear and the words would again flow across the page. Lucy would sit there until the story was done. Then she would take wing and flit away to do other fairy things.


Jim and Lucy's relationship isn't always an easy one. Sometimes Jim wants to tell a tale but Lucy is busy doing other things, like smelling the flowers in the fairy glenn. She ignores him even though he is asking her nicely for a hint of a tale to tell. Sometimes she gets so excited about a new tale that she bugs him till he, at least, writes the idea down, even if he is at work. She can be persistent when it comes to story telling. She has a brother named Luigi who is like that too, but that is a tale for another day.


Being a kind hearted man, Jim gave Lucy to a friend one day to help the friend tell a few tales. But Lucy knew something that Jim didn't know. Lucy could only help Jim. So she wandered back to him the first chance she got. She knew that Jim needed her more than anyone else. Besides, when a fairy picks you to be the story teller and to help you tell the tales, then the fairy is yours forever and just can't work with another person. I'm not sure if this is a fairy law but it just seems to always be that way.


This page is dedicated to Lucy and all the other fairy muses
who bring such delight to young and old alike with their
whispered tales.


Last revised: April 08, 2001.

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Luigi DeMuse

Copyright: Susan Allen May, 1998


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